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Reveals New Information About John Wayne Gacy Case

CHICAGO, IL — Feb. 8, 2011

John Wayne Gacy.

Three words synonymous with evil.

Even 31 years after his conviction in Chicago for murdering 33 young men and boys – most of whom were buried in a crawl space under his house – it’s a case our nation will never forget.

And a case so gruesome and shocking, it ranks No. 13 on Time’s Top 25 Crimes of the 20th Century.

But even after Gacy’s 1994 execution, the case is not closed in the minds of many criminal experts who are convinced Gacy killed more than 33 people.

And over the years, investigators and amateur detectives have tried to pinpoint the location of other Gacy victims without success.

But in a stunning development, new information – related to a controversial 1998 Chicago Police Department search for more Gacy victims – strongly suggests that a location in a quiet Chicago family neighborhood is the burial site for additional victims of America’s worst serial killer.


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